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Time to be blunt here….

I had another topic in mind for this month; change management and personality tendencies, but I feel like most of you might not be receptive to that topic right now.

90% of my clients and prospective clients are coming to me with weight loss as one of their primary goals, especially post quarantine.

When people say they want to lose weight, what they really mean is they want to lose FAT. Keeping this in mind in any weight loss plan is important. I work with people on sustainable, smart, healthy ways to lose body FAT without sacrificing lean muscle mass. While many of the strategies are simple, other interventions may not be ones you would have thought of.

So, you’ve tried everything without results? Everything? But have you really? Here’s a few I usually hear from people...

  • “I’m eating like 1200 calories a day and working out twice a day and I haven’t lost a pound!”

  • “I’ve increased my cardio two-fold!”

  • “I switched from regular soda to diet”

  • “I did a juice cleanse thingy.. lost 6 lbs but gained it all back”

  • “I went to Sam’s and bought protein shakes and I’ve been drinking those like no tomorrow”

  • “I did a 21-day ABC XYZ LMNOP diet” LOL

  • “My girlfriend gave me these weight loss pills from GNC and I’ve been using them religiously I swear!”

Turn off your phone. The TV. Please. The Media hype will literally smash your health goals. You don’t need another shake, bar, or spin class…. Let’s keep it simple and break it down here…. Here are some reasons you may or may not have thought of that can be the underlying reason you aren’t losing fat..

  1. You’re eating too much. Honestly. So, this one seems obvious right? Maybe not. Are you aware of the calories you are putting into your body daily? The calories in/out model is valid… Although its not the ONLY reason you aren’t losing fat. I work with people on increasing awareness of both the types of food they are eating AND the amount of it

  2. You’re eating too little. Yep this is a thing. You’ve done crash diets with 1200 calories on and off for years. Guess what? You have successfully killed your metabolism. What your body is craving is nutrition and real food. I often work with people slowly to do what’s called “reverse dieting” where I start you at the lower calories you’ve been used to and slowly build you up to a healthy amount to literally reprogram your metabolism

  3. Too much/little fat, protein, or carbs. This is called a poor macronutrient profile. While calories matter, WHERE you are getting these from is paramount. I most often see people aren’t getting enough protein and are eating fat and carbs in combination without the protein. Ideally getting each of the macros in your meals or snacks together works best for your body. Also, the macro profile I suggest will depend on your natural body type and goals and any underlying health conditions.

  4. Hormones! Specifically, thyroid. And if you’re a guy reading this? This isn’t just for women… Low testosterone can play a part in the inability to lose weight especially around the midsection

  5. SLEEP…. This is where your day begins. Do you wake up exhausted and hope to make it to the coffee pot before you fall asleep in the kitchen on the way there? Most of us overuse and activate our sympathetic nervous system, with disregard to our parasympathetic nervous system. Your parasympathetic nervous system conserves energy as it slows heart rate and relaxes the muscles in your GI tract (hello digestion!). If your systems aren’t functioning properly this can also cause weight gain.

  6. Stress…… It’s true. If your cortisol levels are constantly high your body will hang on to every ounce of fat because it is stressed and preparing for a disaster of sorts.

  7. Food quality! This is HUGE. Eat real food… Eating “fluff” food without real nutrition even if low calorie leads to nutrient deficiencies and a whole host of symptoms… Swap those rice cakes for sweet potato and that protein bar for chicken or beef jerky. I actually do not snack, like at all. I eat 3 full meals a day and a shake so I’m not hungry in between. I will work with you on cleaning up not only food choices but eating patterns and meal timing. I can also refer you to test for micronutrient deficiencies and evaluate a good multi-vitamin for you. Vitamins are NOT a substitute for real food, however.

  8. Inflammatory food responses. This is often overlooked. If you feel like you are doing “all the right things” as you read the above 7 reasons, you may have an underlying condition that is preventing you from losing weight. I can help you explore possible things like Crohns, Celiac, SIBO or other autoimmune issues.

WOW! I learned so much about reactive foods. I eliminated beans and noticed an improvement in digestion. I love that Sarah doesn’t make you feel like you need to make all the changes at once and you can choose what works for you. Its not overwhelming at all, and she’s so CALM and FUN!

So now what? Whew! Hope this gets your mind thinking a bit.

HANDS DOWN I do my best work in all the above with people long term. My 12-week program is completely individualized to your goals and I invest a great deal of time into research and plans for you. (The 12-week program can be extended and used over the course of up to 6 months by the way). Check it out HERE.

WAIT! Change is easier when you have a partner doing it with you! YES! More accountability, ability to split up tasks, someone to share success with! Do you have a spouse or partner you live with that you’d like to journey through my 12-week program together? If so, THAT’S THE BEST IDEA!!!! Book my couples 12-week package and you are basically getting the program for 2 people for the price of about 1.5! Check out Couples Coaching HERE.

Talk it over with a watermelon smoothie in August! This is probably the most refreshing smoothie ever! Have some fresh mint in your garden? Perfect! (I have WAY too much actually).

Lastly if you just need some ongoing support, recipes, and full meal plans, and you want coaching but are more comfortable in a small group online and you like a DEAL then the BEET SQUAD is for you! Get info HERE. This program is FREE for the first month! You’ll get daily moderation in a private health group, meal plans each month, unlimited ability to ask questions about products and ingredients and so much more!

Happy “rest of summer!” 😊 Sarah

Smoothie of the Month

August: Watermelon Cucumber Mint

2 cups cubed seedless watermelon

Juice of ½ lime

1 cup diced English cucumber

Handful of fresh mint

¼ c cold water

Blend all ingredients with ice and serve

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