Monthly Membership

Tired of sifting through the internet as to what to eat, how to lose weight and how to be your healthiest you? This monthly group coaching provides ongoing support for healthy habit formation including:

My membership involves a few core components:

  • Live weekly coaching with a variety of topics and open Q&A

    • Meal Prep and Batch Cooking​

    • Dining out healthy

    • Developing a workout plan

    • Macronutrients, what are they? How do I eat for weight loss?

    • Purging your pantry and fridge of SAD Foods

    • Quick dinners on a budget

    • Food anxiety and stress eating

  • Daily support and moderation from Sarah

  • A one-week menu every month complete with recipes and a grocery list, special access to recipes from the Catalyst Library

  • A monthly challenge of "making something out of nothing" in your fridge

  • Monthly themes such as positive habit formation, weight loss, cooking with seasonal veggies, staying motivated, and physical movement

  • Referral bonuses!

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