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The Coaching Process


The third session is about 3 weeks later with a full symptom checklist to measure progress and discuss sustainability and education in order to teach you long term how to continue to achieve results.

The 4th session and beyond we continue to reduce all symptoms, weight loss if needed, and dig down into root causes of remaining symptoms. I am at this time suggest lab work for hormones or cortisol, a stool test or other additional testing.


Future sessions are for maintaining and making progress. My goal for everyone is reducing 80% of symptoms you arrived with. If interested I will then transition you to my meal planning app for long term management.

Everyone is eligible to come back for an a la carte session after the package is complete at a reduced cost.

What exactly happens in the coaching process? Well, it varies with each person as its very customized. The first session is 2 hours long and we review and edit a meal plan, review labs, do a full health intake and discuss supplements. Within one week you are given a customized balanced cookbook with a grocery list for 6 weeks to follow.


The next session is approximately 2-3 weeks later where we see how vitamins are going, look at questions or modifications on the meal plan and do a quick symptom check in.

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