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"Sarah did things for me I didn’t expect of a health coach, she really went above and beyond it blew my mind"

"I fit in my jeans again I’m going to cry I’m so happy!"   

"I’ve hired other health coaches before, no one really took the time to understand me like Sarah.  It’s a perfect fit she’s really invested in results."   

"I have hope for the first time in a long time.   After the first session with Sarah I knew I was on the right track!"

The meal plan was so awesome.  It was different foods I might not have tried and I loved them all.  She taught me about healthy snacks and how to substitute in recipes.         

"So much more than I anticipated. I not only reached success in the areas I was hoping for, but these sessions helped me in unanticipated ways as well – self-esteem, boundaries, dental health, overall just learning more about myself."


"It was not a quick fix, but a commitment to life long better health! " 

"I learned that the whole-body needs help when addressing disease.  Sarah addresses so much more than food.    Its not just food, or even exercise or sleep, it’s a complete lifestyle overhaul with Sarah supporting you through each step." 

"OMG!!  It’s been forever since I felt like this!    I feel SO good!"           

I have really come to understand the importance of eating healthy and that by learning and putting forth some effort I will make lifelong changes. 

This program was very helpful.  I loved the recipes.  They were easy to make and filled me up.  As a result, I’ve added new foods I hadn’t tried before and removed others that were inflammatory.  I also noticed as a result of following this program I’m not snacking AT ALL anymore!

I learned I may be working out TOO much, and to address diet before exercise for best results.    I really find myself paying attention to my food choices when I shop now and reading ingredients vs just nutrition labels and trying to stick with whole foods as much as possible.

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