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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do people work with you? What are they struggling with?

  • Here is a quick video discussing the most common reasons

2. How long do you work with people? 

  • This varies, it can be a one time meeting or up to 6 months or more

3. Can I meet with you if I don’t live locally? 

  • ​YES!  About 20% of my clients are out of the area including out of state and out of the country 

4. What is the cost of your services? 

  • Cost varies quite a bit. I do take HSA and Flex Spend. At the time of your free consult I’ll give you a quote based on the scope of your problem and goals

5. What types of results are you getting with people?

  • Check out some of my Testimonials

  • Here is a chart of results from my clients

6. What labs do you review or are often completed during the process?  

  • I review labs are part of the intake and ongoing process and may look at your numbers differently than other practitioners.  Click here to find out more about lab testing. 

7. If I don’t want sessions with you, what other resources do you offer?

8. Is there an emotional health component? 

  • I’m a licensed therapist, and the mental health piece is often a part for people with chronic pain and disease so I address all aspects.

9. What other providers do you connect with during the process, if any? 

  • I connect and refer to a multitude of providers. Here are some local resources

10. Do you sell supplements?  Do I need to be a client to get them?

  • I do not directly sell any supplements, but I do use the Fullscript dispensary where I put together custom suggestions for every client.  You can sign up and search for any supplements, you do not need to be a client. Click here for more info.

11. What if I want to apply to work with you? Where do I start?

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