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Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets

WOW. I guess its FALL? I’m one of those people that doesn’t decorate, get pumpkins or Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (actually I don’t even like those) until Oct 1. I think it’s because I feel like our lives are constantly rushed and we are always looking ahead to the next season versus expressing gratitude (or in my case denial) for the one we are in… I wore boots and a leather jacket today and made apple pie… I switched into my “long sleeved closet” and found my darker lip gloss… If you see me around after next week Ill also be sporting some Rose Gold hair which ill be honest is REALLY CRAZY for me.. hair color, that is.

Wanted to switch gears this month from guts and weight loss talk to something a bit lighter and more practical, especially as I’ve been hard at work creating meal plans for many of you… So I bring you my TOP TEN KITCHEN GADGET LIST! I’ll likely do an upcoming video on the BEET SQUAD private coaching group soon (Hey are you in that yet? Click HERE to join.)

I am not a fancy pants cooker with cool choppers and insta-things or egg separators or garlic presses. I don’t have things color coded or have a set of special knives or slicers. In fact, I sorta reject that stuff. I really crave simplicity, in the kitchen and otherwise. And from the health coaching realm as a client I find that’s when most people are the most successful long term.

I mean, you can buy whatever you want from the 3 am infomercials or amazon or whatever floats your boat, but I will tell you in the pantry purges I’ve done this season it’s the special cabinet, the basement or the upper shelf where that stuff lives after a while! I mean what did people even DO before an egg separator? I actually don’t even own a blender. I do have a few things I really like, use, and that I find are essential for healthy cooking. I really only own what I use and keep it stored in an easy to reach spot. I own 3 pots, 3 pans (different sizes), a handful of mixing bowls, an average amount of silverware (I give up on it matching-somehow things migrate too and from our house idk how), some serving platters and bowls, a few basic baking items when I want to nurture my inner Martha Stewart, and that’s generally it. Here are 10 things I really like and use anywhere from daily to weekly…. And they do not include an instapot, air fryer or rice cooker!

  1. Saladmaster Shredder - (this thing will cut your arm off). I never thought I’d regularly use something like this but I really do love it. I shred veggies ahead for the week like beets (sorry more beets), carrots, zucchini and its great for hash browns. There are probably other brands out there but this is the one I have HERE.

  2. Sharp Knives - just a couple … A few years back we invested in a handful of sharp knives. I think it decreased my cooking stress by 40 %. I hate trying to cut into a tomato only to watch it get all smooshed and for me to finally stab it with the tip of the knife to cut it or just crush it with my bare hands and call it a day.

  3. Meal Prep Containers - (there she goes with the meal prep again). So, these can be glass or plastic… I prefer glass although its not always practical. I have some of each and I generally try to microwave in glass only.

  4. Steamer Basket - No, you don’t need a fancy entire steamer thingy,,, Just a colander that fits on top of one of your larger pots.. I use this often for veggies, potatoes and even chicken. It cooks fast and retains much of the vitamins and minerals as opposed to boiling.

  5. A sharp AF Veggie Peeler - (YA KNOW FOR THE BEETS)… A veggie peeler ensures you are only peeling off the peel and not the flesh of the veggie,,, and its often safer than trying to use a knife. Beets, potatoes and other hard root veggies are a great use of a peeler.

  6. Indoor Nonstick Griddle - I use this probably 3-4 times a week! pancakes, hash browns, meal prep, veggies, fish, ALL THE THINGS.

  7. Hand Stick Immersion Blender - (this is why I don’t own a blender!). Man, I love this thing. Takes up very little room, its powerful, and it washes in like 8 seconds. I use it for pureeing soups and mashed potatoes. Make sure to totally immerse the blade into the substance or you will make a huge mess!

  8. Mason Jars of different sizes - I love these for overnight oats and salads and they seal well which is important for traveling.

  9. Crock Pot - sorry to all you Instapot lovers ha. I still like my crock pot for easy soups and roasts.

  10. Ninja Mini Blender - Like I said I don’t even own a full-sized blender.. I use this daily, sometimes twice a day.. Mostly for smoothies but also for blending liquids in baked goods and homemade salad dressings.

The online coaching program really showed me to be more cautious of what I eat! It was a huge wake up call for me as to what I’m putting into my body! I appreciated the wealth of information it was so helpful.

One of the “boost” services I provide is a Pantry Purge… This is where I would come to your home for the better part of a day and purge your pantry, fridge and primary freezer, and maybe sort thru some of your kitchen gadgets you thought at one point were totally necessary… Through Oct 31, I’m including the pantry purge for HALF OFF (200.00 value) with a purchase of a 12 Week Coaching Plan! This service I can provide to you at the beginning of our time together so we can set you up for success in your kitchen. Imagine having only what you need for healthy food and cooking essentials. Everything is where you can find it and used to make amazing meals!

Hey, are you not in my Private FREE Facebook coaching group and want to be? You are missing out on meal plans, live video coaching on Sundays, food journals and product highlights! Our numbers in this group are growing daily and its fully interactive. Join HERE. Post pics of products, ask questions and interact with others looking to become healthier in 2020 and beyond! Not sure what you need but you want to improve your health? Schedule a free discovery call HERE.

One last thing of course.. The pumpkin pie smoothie of the month!

Enjoy the pumpkin patch this October!

Keep moving forward 😊 Sarah

Smoothie of the Month

October: Pumpkin Pie

2 tablespoons canned pumpkin

1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

½ cup coconut milk

½ banana

1 teaspoon maple syrup

1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated or 1 tablespoon ginger juice

1 teaspoon chia seeds

Blend all ingredients with ice and serve

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