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Pantry Purge

Do You Need A Kitchen Overhaul ?


  • Save money: You forget food you have in “the back” and it goes to waste because you forget about it or end up buying more.

  • Get organized: Can’t find anything because you have too much and its not organized into categories? Find yourself digging for items and buying again because you’re not sure if you have it?

  • Reduce stress of cooking: Meal plan efficiently and see easily what you have to make last minute meals.

  • Prioritize what to buy and not to buy more of:  Track what you use often and what you don’t need to stock up on


Overwhelmed by the thought of doing that on your own?

I am here to help!!

Book my Pantry Purge and I will come spend up to 4 hours with you.

Together we will:

  • Sort through food and to help identify SAD (Standard American Diet) foods to eliminate

  • Discuss healthy alternatives to replace some of what we removed

  • Identify unnecessary items cluttering your cabinets (dishes, small appliances, etc)

  • Develop a sustainable organization plan to keep it up moving forward

  • Grocery list included!

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