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Updated: May 15, 2020


Do you open your pantry or fridge and hope dinner JUMPS out at you? (And does this like never happen?) Are you bored with cooking the same things only to receive a “meh” response from your family and a “meh” response from your bathroom scale? Need some inspiration? Do you have food preferences or allergies that make it difficult to plan meals and have NO IDEA what the stores will have? Do you want some simple repeatable meals your family will love?

Here are a few tips for MEAL PLANNING 101! If after you read this, you are still unimpressed and want me to send you a customized recipe plan for 30 days STAY TUNED because I can do that also!


  1. Make what you love, but agree to try something new to “spice things up” each week

  2. Work with the foods you already have in your pantry, fridge and freezer to avoid spending more money than you need to! Make a list of what you already have and google those ingredients for meals. For example, google” healthy meals with tomato sauce and chicken”

  3. What foods are in season right now? Its spring so fresh herbs and vegetables will be out soon at the local farmers market! Consider building meals around those items. Consider a local CSA (links under “resources” on my website) for bulk veggies and meats for a low-cost alternative

  4. Create meals with balanced macronutrients: FAT, PROTEIN AND CARBOHYDRATES. Contact me if you need help on what that might look like or how to calculate this for your health goals!

  5. What is happening in your life this next week? Are you working outside of the home and rushing, or do you have extra time on your hands with quarantine to do things like marinate or prep foods ahead?

  6. Browse recipes throughout the week and save in ONE place so when you decide to make your grocery list you have ONE place to go to begin your plan.

  7. What is the day you will buy groceries? Cook? Clean up? Plan this ahead and stick to it

  8. Focus on a core group of ingredients to keep it manageable. For example: chicken, ground beef and shrimp could be your proteins for the week. Sweet potatoes, quinoa and butternut squash could be your carbohydrates. Then choose 4-5 veggies and fruits fresh or frozen to have at your disposal.

  9. Make your grocery list based on how the store is laid out: produce, meats, canned goods etc. CHECK off your list after you purchase the item. Stick to the perimeter of the store where the freshest and healthiest items are. Try to buy enough to limit trips to the store to save time and hassle

  10. When you get home from shopping, clean your counter before unloading items, then wash all produce and store. Unwrap excess packaging from items to save space in your pantry and for easier access later. When I want something, I CAN’T STAND having to open 67 packages to get it! This also keeps items visible, so you do not end up buying something you already have.

Sarah helped me choose some wonderful cookbooks and that inspired me to purchase 1:1 meal prep service with her. I literally have never made so many positive life changes in a 30-day time frame!

Would you like 30 days of inspirational recipes that are custom tailored to your preferences and health goals? Send me an email at or go onto my website and hit “book now” to schedule your free intake call so we can chat about what you are looking for. Ill send you a form to fill out so we can choose the best foods for your household. Within 7 days Ill send you a full 30 days of meals, complete with breakfasts, lunches and dinners that are sure to make everyone happy! This is completely customized and individualized and comes with all recipes and corresponding grocery lists. “Check out my 30 Days of Meals

Would you like someone to talk to about getting your goals back on track during quarantine? I can also put together a plan within 30 days for you so once quarantine is lifted you are READY TO ROCK with your goals! In a 30 day time frame we will meet 4 times (video or 1:1) to develop a customized health plan with specific measurable goals you can easily follow. Book your discovery call today and check out the “30 Day Jumpstart Program

Smoothie of the Month

May: Peaches and Cream Smoothie

3 tablespoons quick oats 1/3 cup plain of vanilla coconut milk yogurt 1 teaspoon honey 1 teaspoon almond extract 1 cup frozen peaches or fresh ripe peaches ½ cup almond milk Blend all ingredients with ice and serve

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