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Hi Everyone!

Spring is actually HERE so let’s talk about getting our butts moving! None of this should be groundbreaking information for ya, but a good summary on the importance of physical activity… and not for weight loss. In fact, that’s way at the bottom of the list of the reasons you should work out.

Reasons to MOVE YOUR BODY…

Mental Health:

  • Working out stimulates brain chemicals that allow you to relax and releases endorphins and “feel good” hormones so its fantastic for depression and anxiety. It can also help you feel more positive about your appearance and increase self-confidence. Exercise also stimulates the body to release proteins to improve brain function as related to “brain fog” and judgment. Now who doesn’t have brain fog am I right?

  • Attending a gym, a yoga studio or a spin class can massively improve social connections! Get active with friends or go to make new ones!

  • Boosts energy! I know going to the gym helps me get thru the rest of the night when I get home with kids, cooking etc.

Physical Health:

  • Exercise improves bone and muscle mass and slows bone density loss.

  • Increases balance capabilities thus decreasing potential of falls, especially after the age of 60

  • Increases your good cholesterol (HDL) and decreases bad cholesterol (LDL)

  • Can assist in managing T2 Diabetes: regulating insulin and blood sugar levels.

  • While it’s overrated for losing weight (nutrition is where its at) it DOES increase your metabolism and burn a couple hundred calories each workout or so which is helpful! From an efficiency perspective I strongly suggest strength training over cardio so you can build more lean muscle and burn calories for hours after your workout

  • There’s some research with activity assisting people with addiction like alcohol and smoking cessation! (decreases cravings and withdrawal)

Sleep and Sex:

  • Exercise, unless done less than 2 hours before you go to bed can help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep.

  • Working out increases blood flow to all parts of the body which can be awesome for sex. Its been connected with higher arousal in women and lower incidence of erectile dysfunction in men. It can increase your body confidence and energy.

I fit into my tops from over 3 years ago! I can’t thank you enough for CHANGING MY LIFE . Thank you for making me myself again-it means the world to me.


  • From a habit perspective you are better off doing something everyday then longer workouts twice a week, for example. So commit to doing something 7 days a week, in my opinion, even if the workouts are light (walking your dog or 15 min or stretching)

  • Find something you love

  • Try new things.. tennis? Swimming? Aerial silks? (contact me for that last one - HERE)

  • Hire a trainer to help with structure, motivation, accountability and workout selection to meet your goals

  • Workout with friends! Meet up after for coffee!

  • Track your progress on an app like My Fitness pal. Set goals!

  • Make it fun: make your favorite playlist or buy new clothes or footwear for the gym

  • Move frequently at a slow pace: use the stairs, walk to a co worker vs emailing, park farther away, stretch in between meetings

Oh, and EAT GOOD FOOD! Below is my “Lunch of the Month” : Chicken salad dill wraps! Serve this with some fresh fruit and veggies and you have a great Spring lunch! Better yet make enough for the whole week!

Happy Spring 😊 Sarah

Lunch of the Month

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