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Do you need a Food RE-SET?

A Do-over? Do you set tons of rules for yourself and then slip up? Do you go over the top on vacations, weekends, holidays then try to “set yourself straight” on Monday? Or are you good during the early part of the day then once you hit the couch the late-night snacking occurs? (Not carrots as snacks either!).

This month I’ll be focusing less around WHAT to eat and more around WHY we eat and WHY we sometimes make poor choices, over, and over and over again. I’ll be covering HOW to reset your body for success with a basic elimination diet, how to reintroduce foods thereafter, and how to LIVE YOUR LIFE LONG TERM WITHOUT Yo-Yo dieting for good!

Diets don’t work. We all know that right? Yet we KEEP DOING THEM. I’m tired of hearing about 30-day programs and diets. Do people lose weight? Sure. Do they gain it all back and mess up their metabolisms and hormones in the process each time? ABSOLUTELY. I’m here to teach you how to stop… And how to start living your life; freedom with food, your body, and your mind. Stop losing the same 20lbs over and over.. Let me help you connect with the emotional reasons behind eating and overeating and let’s see if you are ready for a change!

I don’t do diets. EVER. What I do is a reset with eating whole foods that are very basic, customized to what you like and what you need, then slow reintroductions and monitoring of symptoms and weight… I do this WITH you as your co-pilot through the journey together. I will do a reset with you that focuses on your health as #1. I will help you form new positive habits, not just lose weight. I will help you find new ways to comfort yourself, besides food. A true reset will change your physiology long term and how you regulate energy in your body. We will eliminate foods that are causing a negative effect on your body and ADD foods that will aid in reaching your goals. One of the best pieces of feedback I often receive is “OMG Sarah this food is SO good I could eat like this the rest of my life” BINGO! That’s the point!

After the reset phase we will reintroduce foods slowly and see how you feel. You may find during this phase food you thought you wanted back doesn’t taste the same, and your cravings are almost completely gone, or that the physical or mental side effects of those foods are not worth eating them. You may notice some foods make you feel amazing, while others don’t. We can then establish a basic plan that’s personalized to you.

Lastly, I’ll work with you on long term planning of your “triggers” for unhealthy choices. Weekends? Holidays? Vacations? Break room junk food? Your fav drive thru coffee shop? Family get-togethers? Alcohol in social situations? STRESS? Being home alone? We will discuss how to deal with rejection, fitting in during social occasions, taking care of YOU, and peer pressure.



Are you ready for a reset and plan for life? Stay tuned for an upcoming group on the topic as well!

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