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Catalyst Courses


Macro Nutrient Magic

Let's take a deep dive into Macros. How to track them, how to cook with them in mind and how to utilize them to help you reach your body composition goals. 

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All disease Begins in the Gut

Do you want to finally learn the root cause of your disease state and why you feel awful ? Do you struggle with ongoing gut issues and or mood and skin issues? 


Join Sarah for a dive into the GI MAP in-home stool test and save money long term in your quest to feel better!  There is no other stool test that is this comprehensive and Sarah is trained to interpret your results ! 

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Autoimmune Lifestyle Course

A 6 week course to reduce inflammation, chronic pain and excess weight for good! 

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IBS Course

A 4 week course to reduce bloating and GI discomfort

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