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Gosh I hear this all the time. Did you know it’s the NUMBER ONE COMPLAINT on my entrance survey checklist? Fatigue and exhaustion… As you can guess there’s many reasons for this and some you may not have thought of… Also, ongoing fatigue and stress can trigger things like gut disorders, autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression and weight gain. Need I say more?

It's very common to be tired all the time…. But it’s not normal to be, if that makes sense. Also, the things you use as coping mechanisms might totally be backfiring. Waking up to work out early, coffee, energy drinks, protein bars, vitamin waters, watching movies, and a glass of wine. All of those in some fashion will spin you backwards in healing your fatigue. They are short term energy band-aids, but long term will only make it worse.

Here’s a few reasons you may not have thought of, and what I often work with people on 1:1 in sessions to unravel.

  1. Trying to do and be all the things. If everything is important, nothing is important. Nothing gets your full attention; you feel like you can’t be successful at anything. Stress… Your body releases cortisol to help you overcome stressors but if you experience chronic stress it’ll deplete your body of these hormones.

  2. Carrying unresolved trauma. This can be mild to moderate trauma from childhood events, failed relationships, or other events in your life that were unplanned.

  3. Never feeling “good enough”. This message goes specifically to women very often. We need to be thinner, longer lashes, better brows, fuller lips, higher cheekbones, be an amazing mother, wife, look attractive 24/7, be an awesome chef, make money, and have a respectable social life. Just typing that was overwhelming!

  4. Environmental toxins… Plastics, parabens, and other hormone disrupting chemicals that mess with our sex hormones and thyroid. Your HPA axis can become dysregulated, and adrenals can become taxed. Some people like air filters, water filters and buying clean body products. Buying organic is also helpful.

  5. DIET. So much this. This is probably the number one. Caffeine and sugar crashes, food sensitivities, histamine responses. You may feel sluggish after eating inflammatory foods. They damage the gut and decrease your body’s ability to absorb energy providing nutrients from your food, like b-vitamins, for example. This is often why people feel amazing after I guide them through a short-term elimination diet.

  6. Nutritional deficiencies. Iron, vitamin D, and b-12 are the biggest offenders I see. Iron is needed to produce hemoglobin that delivers oxygen to your cells. If your cells don’t receive enough oxygen your body has to work twice as hard. In addition, 50% of the population has difficulty converting b12 to its active form to be used by the body in the form of energy.

  7. Infections, parasites, SIBO, Autoimmune disease, and leaky gut. Leaky gut means your body is in constant high alert. Undigested food escapes your cell wall and enters your bloodstream and thus begins a cycle of inflammation that causes fatigue brain fog, and headaches.

  8. Thyroid dysfunction-such as Hashimoto’s. This is a topic unto itself but if you are low on some of these hormones, you’ll likely feel fatigued.

These above are things I work with people on during sessions and coaching ALL THE TIME.

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