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I mean what do you really need? How much is too much? What is a waste of time and money to purchase?

Well, the answer to that on an individual basis is always, “that depends”. Each of our genetics, and lifestyle choices are unique; thus, people can present with varying supplement needs when they come to see me. While our genes can be hard to control or our childhood upbringing of food and exposure to toxins, we CAN take control of our current lifestyle choices to optimize our performance and feel amazing! I often ask clients questions like “How well do you sleep?” or “What percentage of your diet is whole unprocessed foods?” and “Rate your current stress level” to get an idea of what might be contributing to their fatigue, Autoimmune disease, gut issues or weight gain.

I do however have general suggestions for supplements that most of us can benefit from as well as some information you might like about WHERE I get my supplements from and WHY. I do not by any means suggest that long term any of us need a drawer full of 40 pills to take daily… Optimizing your lifestyle with quality sleep, hydration, decreased stress and whole foods will help you accomplish most of your goals, but in our current modernized culture we often are subpar in a few areas. You may be fighting against poor genetics, ongoing stress, or a toxic burden from years of processed foods. You also may be intaking good food but not absorbing nutrients if you have weak digestion or a leaky gut. Here are 5 things I generally suggest for all:

  1. Multivitamin: I used to think a multi was a waste of my money-like they cram a whole bunch of stuff in a pill, but I wondered how well it could be absorbed. Often, however, when we do panels on people, we see they are at a significant deficit of a handful of vitamins and minerals long term. I suggest a multi that has a methylated B complex for great energy balance.

  2. Omega-3: Omega 3 fatty acids and fish oil are crucial for reducing inflammation, which most of us have at some level or another from multiple sources.

  3. Vitamin D! This one is huge for immunity to cold and flu and energy increase as well. Optimal levels are 60-90 ng/mL. In my practice I most often see people in the range of 15-19 which is incredibly low. Please request a lab from your doctor or contact me to get testing done on your own and we can assess your supplementation needs. Vitamin D is fat soluble, so I suggest a liquid or gel cap with K2 emulsion. We often spend much time in the Midwest inside, and even if we are outside its often only for summer months and we may not absorb the vitamin D from the sun efficiently.

  4. Probiotic: Often our good bacteria can be depleted with the use of antibiotics, steroid meds, or acid blockers like omeprazole/Prilosec, and poor nutrition. The right probiotics can help gain a better balance of bacteria in your gut. Some people with gut conditions may benefit from different probiotics with certain strains, particularly if you have SIBO

  5. Collagen: the amino acids provide nutrients to help a leaky gut, detox the liver and provide support for joints. I use a scoop of this daily in my coffee or tea!

So, what is the best way to get these supplements?

I’ve been using FULL SCRIPT for supplements for quite some time now, both for myself and clients. You’ll see many nurses, Chiropractors and other health professionals using this venue for suggesting high quality vitamins and supplements, individualized to each person. So, what are the benefits, let’s say over ordering your stuff from amazon? While I don’t sell anything directly it has given me the opportunity to create individualized supplement recommendations for people that I know have been vetted for quality and purity.

  • PRICE! I get a discount on over 300 brands and can pass this down to you! Plus, free shipping!

  • All supplements are shipped in ice packs, so they arrive at your doorstep in peak condition.

  • Items are stored in a temperature-controlledwarehouse (you would NOT want to get your probiotic or fish oil after months of sitting in a hot warehouse-it would likely be rancid and not provide any health benefits

  • Your product won’t expire during the course of using it (this is often the issue I had with amazon- it was not expired when I got it but within a few months and during the course of taking it expired which I wasn’t a fan of)

  • Full script has protocols in place to prevent against mislabeling or counterfeit product distribution

  • All brands and individual products are vetted by a medical team

  • All products are 3rd party certified

  • There’s a great search function! You can search the catalog for thousands of items

  • Strict control of sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution

  • Allergen free and the ability to search by allergy and product type: liquid, gel cap, chewable etc.


I’m offering FREE supplement consults via phone! We can chat on the phone about what changes you are looking for and I can send you an email with suggestions! Check out how full script works HERE. Schedule your free supplement consult HERE!

One of the best habits you can develop for long term health beyond stellar nutrition and hydration is appropriate supplementation for your individual body!

Make sure you try making the lunch of the month!

😊 Sarah

Lunch of the Month

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