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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Hello! Happy Holiday Season!

You’re probably expecting a December blog about healthy holiday eating, right? Well, I feel like you’ve probably heard that message over and over again and I prefer to provide you with a unique take on this month that is not particularly food related.


Joy at home. On your couch. In your car. In your bed. Making dinner. Joy in the mundane daily life… Not on a fancy vacation, in a new car or with shiny new jewelry. Here are some thoughts on reflecting on your home and how to make some adjustments to potentially feel more joy in it.

What makes you feel good at home? Lighting? Smells? Sounds? Make a list of these things and attune yourself to them and do more of the things that make you happy and adjust those that are bothersome. For me its seasonal natural scents, ENVIRONSCENT, warm yellow-based lighting background vs cool white, and very low background noise (haven’t decided where I’m gonna put the kids yet!). Also, if you know me well you know I like my home WARM.. Being cold literally hurts my body and affects my mood.

What detracts from your joy at home? Noise? Clutter? A certain smell? The feel of old carpeting? A light or painting you don’t like?

How can you decrease those things that detract joy and increase those that provide more calm and joy?

Surround yourself with possessions you know and use. Those that either have meaning, beauty, or function. Secondly-donate or dispose of those that DO NOT hold any of those. This is about very purposeful decluttering…. Free your space of clutter and enjoy those few objects that bring you joy or that you use. Do you really need the instruction manual for your microwave?

Tune into your senses… smell some lavender oil, listen to some piano music, wrap up in a fleece blanket.

Your home is a reflection of who you are. If yours is not, what steps can you take now to make it that way?

Lastly…. This may mean distancing or protecting yourself from unhappy people. Who drains you in your life? Who is optimistic, full of energy vs who is apathetic, and woe-is-me? Joy is contagious 😊

Check out the lunch of the month below!

😊 Sarah

Lunch of the Month

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