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Happy December everyone! Snow will be flying on the regular soon! I’m already looking for someone to fill up my gas tank weekly because I’m COLD!

Wanted to switch gears a bit this month-away from nutrition and pivot to a lifestyle topic that I am passionate about that I see as a huge need with both friends and people I work with… My time with clients, while highly focused on nutrition, is really all encompassing with lifestyle modifications for long term overall health… This includes sleep patterns, fitness, organization, mental health, and goal planning. I’d like to focus on the concept of “less is more” this month… Ridding yourself of the physical and emotional clutter that overrides our ability to focus on what matters, health and relationships.

Does your home look good but feel empty in some way? Are you surrounded by STUFF but feel chaotic? How can you eliminate distractions from your life that suck your true energy? What are you passionate about? How can you “make room” for your health? Your relationships? The noise in your life can be that you are surrounded by too many physical items; black v neck-sweaters, wine glasses, candles… What adds true value to your life? People? Things? Activities? Your life should not feel like Groundhog Day… Make a meaningful life via subtraction… Subtraction of physical stuff, poor relationships and mediocre jobs. Filter the noise…

EDIT YOUR LIFE. Are your purchases thoughtful and deliberate? Are your conversations meaningful? Do you invest in experiences vs things? Are you “focused” or just “busy?”

Are you a coffee drinker? What do you put in your coffee? Do you enjoy black coffee? Do you know what GOOD PLAIN OL COFFEE tastes like? Or are you adding multiple flavors sweeteners and creamers daily that have masked the taste of the simple thing you love? Look in your kitchen… how may coffee cups do you own? COUNT THEM NOW… do you love them all or do you collect them for the sake of collecting or because you perceive them to have value?

After one of Sarah’s classes I could NOT help myself. Immediately when I got home I purged over 10 bags of stuff I didn’t need that was cluttering my life!

Time to stop feeling like you don’t have enough… you likely have TOO MUCH. How does that resonate with you? Time to create space, time, ease, clarity, and freedom… You’ll have more money because you’ll shop less, more time because you wont spend an hour trying on things that don’t fit, more space because you’ve cleared your closet of those items that no longer serve you. Oh, and more clarity because you have less options, but those options are those you LOVE. ALL OF THEM. Its time to clear the excess that does not serve you anymore. I’m talking about closet clutter coaching here! What does your bedroom closet look like? In fact, what do all your closets look like? What happens when you open them? An avalanche of toddler toys baskets from the 90s and winter boots from 8 years ago? EEEEK. One of the investments I made in my education as a coach, was going through numerous clutter coaching programs, reading many books and surrounding myself with speakers and experts on the topic. I did this in part to develop a specific process around my pantry purge service as well as my closet coaching service, because I believe wholeheartedly that clearing your home of unwanted things can help you focus on your health… So, lets dive into your closet… Can I see?

Things to part with: clothes that don’t fit you RIGHT NOW, those out of style, those with rips or stains, those that are uncomfortable or unflattering. What are your 3 favorite outfits? Why? What colors do you wear the most? Do you buy things for the life you wish you had? Do you buy fancy dresses and heels for events you don’t have but you wish you did? Empty hangers are NOT a shopping invitation… Embrace the margin; the space… Life is messy, simplicity helps.

I have created a step by step closet coaching program that can be done in ONE afternoon… CLOSET CLEANOUT SERVICE - I’ll come to you and we will get it DONE.. For the month of December only I am taking 100.00 off this service. I will meet with you ahead of time and lay out steps for success and give you tasks to complete ahead of time. We will do before and after pictures and you will feel SO REFRESHED! What a better time before the new year to clear the clutter! Schedule your discovery call HERE to chat about it and I can get you on the books before Dec 31! We will discuss capsule wardrobes, your typical day.. Be prepared to try on items and make decisions! I can help you reduce accessories, keep your fav colors… Did you know 33 items creates 25176 possible outfit combinations? Stop buying things “just in case” or keeping things “just in case”. Create a meaningful morning without complications. Dress for more time… Rush less and linger more…

Let’s get ready to focus more with less in 2021!

😊 Sarah

Smoothie of the Month

December: Banana Nog

½ teaspoon nutmeg

1 frozen banana in chunks

¾ cup canned coconut milk

2 dates soaked in hot water 10 minutes prior

1 scoop protein powder

Blend all ingredients with ice and serve

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