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All Aboard for Better Health: A Family Affair

I hear this time after time in my practice... I’ll have a person that comes in that is motivated to get healthy and explains how their spouse orders pizza every Friday, buys candy, and how their kids won't “eat real food”. While you can “get healthy” on your own, it sure as heck is easier when your whole family is able to develop the same habits and eating patterns, but it’s often an uphill battle. Many of my clients are women; moms, who often put everyone else first, which explains why they are tired and stressed and their own diet is less than optimal. You may be accustomed to rituals of cooking for your family that are less than healthy and you are worried that not making cake every Sunday will be met with less approval. Or preparing multiple meals every night: yours and theirs….

The important piece here is getting others to understand it's not a diet but a long term way of life…If they are used to seeing you fall in and out of diets they will be less invested for sure. The hope is to get them to love the process of growing and preparing and eating food and try new things. Don’t focus on what they are giving up - that never goes over well!

2020: I have really come to understand the importance of eating healthy and that by learning and putting forth some effort I will make lifelong changes.

10 Tips for Getting Your Family to Join in Your Health Journey

1. Start slow. Simple swaps. Ex: gluten free mac n cheese or gluten free bread, cassava tortillas, coconut yogurt, chocolate mousse made with gelatin

2. Involve them-planning and cooking and growing food. Try new stuff at the grocery store.. ask for recipe ideas-give them cookbooks!

3. Stock the house with good stuff: chicken, sweet potatoes, fruit, etc.

4. Model your health choices-do what you want them to do….

5. Point out successes for all family members

6. Focus on the why… What long term positive results are worth the short-term choices?

7. Make healthier versions of their favorite recipes, make stuff they like!

8. Stop buying junk LOL

9. Meal plan. Fail to plan or plan to fail!

10. Eat together, find some take out options that are healthy and pair it with a movie and pajamas!

February is the time to get your significant other on board! I’m offering a BOGO offer thru Feb 28! Book a discovery call HERE and fill out the couple’s discovery form HERE and submit! Two 12 session coaching packages would normally be 2400.00 and for this month I’m offering “buy one at full price get the second for 60% off!” That’s 700.00 off! This will be the only time this year I offer this. As a Marriage therapist of 20 + years don’t worry you are in good hands!

Keep Moving Forward 😊 Sarah

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