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Add On Services

Kitchen Overhaul

I’ll come to your house and we will remove all Standard American Diet (SAD) foods that are impeding your optimal health and reorganize your pantry and fridge. Client may need to purchase storage containers at additional cost. This pairs well with the Primal Food Shopping Spree

Primal Food Grocery Shopping

At expense of client, we will tour and shop at a variety of local stores, co ops or farmers markets for healthy foods.  A grocery checklist will be provided.  Resources for local farm direct produce will be provided at this visit as well. This service pairs well with the Kitchen Overhaul

Fitness Fun Tour

I will set up tours of local facilities in the area and introduce you to professionals in the field.  We will tour at least 3 facilities and take one class of your choice together (optional).

Clutter Clearing

This day I will come over and help you clean out your clothing closet!  By the end of the day we will have sorted tried on and or donated everything you don’t need, simplifying your wardrobe to fit your style and only keeping those things you love.

4 Weeks of Meal Ideas

This can be added on at any time.  I’ll send you 30 days of meal ideas with 90 total meals and a handful of snack and beverage suggestions. Includes a corresponding grocery list. Note: This is setup on a 5 day repeat in order to meal prep and shop efficiently.

Clothing Shopping Spree

If after cleaning your closet you have nothing left to wear, then I will shop with you and give you local tours of resale shops and discuss online shopping tools.  All purchases are at the expense of the client.  Lunch is on me this day and I will suggest restaurant and meal ordering options.  I suggest everyone get professionally measured before this trip-I can connect you with resources for that as well.  Before we shop, we will have identified items that you need, a budget, and priorities that fit your lifestyle.


 I will come to your home and meal prep with you for the week!  Client will need to purchase all foods from a list before hand and containers.  We will make 21 meals in 4 hours or less with consultation, and tons of tips and tricks.  Ill bring you a meal and a beverage that day ready to go so you don’t need to think about what to eat.  This service is suggested AFTER the kitchen overhaul and shopping spree. 

Nature and Food Tour

Part of the lifestyle change is slowing down and adding fun healthy recreational activities to your life.  After talking we will identify what suits your needs, then we will be off to parks, hiking trails, vinegar and oil tastings and shopping for amazing spices!  Ill connect you with resources like parks and recreation and other sources of info to maintain an active yet relaxing lifestyle.

Unplug Consult

I will come to your house and help you establish a routine to unplug for your entire family; house rules, apps, screen adjustments for light, resources for making your home relaxing...  We can also specifically work on bedtime rituals and discuss tools like essential oil diffusers and lights in the cold dark winter mornings… 

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