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Why Catalyst?

Primal Health Coach Certified | Catalyst Wellness Coaching

Do you frequently get sick with random ailments? A cold? Sore throat? Headache? Stomach discomfort? Fatigue? Are you chronically over scheduled and stressed? Carrying extra weight you’d love to shed ? Tried other “programs” without results? Have an autoimmune disease that brings you down? Have IBS or other digestion issues?

I focus on the whole individual. I specialize in reversal of symptoms from autoimmune and GI conditions as well as increasing energy, long term weight loss, managing food sensitivities and balancing hormones and cortisol. Optimal health is not just diet or exercise, it is about eating whole foods, moving as humans have evolved to move, and sleeping and living according to our natural rhythms, all of which foster maximal health. We are elegantly designed to live, move, eat, play, and be. My goal is to help people move closer to this model of optimal health. For years I have been helping people as a licensed marriage and family therapist; talking with people and helping them navigate the challenges in life comes naturally to me. I will draw upon my significant education and experience to help you find the best version of you.

With over 25 years in the business as a therapist and program development professional I am able to be your copilot in delivering real results thru an individualized program where you can FINALLY reach your health goals! I help chronically busy, stressed and tired people develop a long-term, customized plan to improve their health. I provide tools for sustainable change with up-to-date information on nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes to make life simple and enjoyable change, help people reach their goals, and have more time with those they love. You will receive tons of insight, education, and expert guidance to improve your health trajectory once and for all!  I offer a variety of short term and long-term program options depending on your goals. I will help you decide WHAT you need to do, HOW to do it, and most importantly your WHY you want to make these changes.  It’s time to make some headway on your path from illness to wellness! Wake up with the energy you want and the life you deserve :)

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