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Corporate Coaching Program

I’m bringing my individual coaching program to teams of all sizes! 


Your individualized program will provide an overview of small healthy habits to achieve long-term results. Over the course of the program, your employees will participate in a variety of activities:

  • Purge their pantries of Standard American Diet foods

  • Make healthy choices at the grocery store and when dining out

  • Resources for cookbooks, recipes and batch cooking challenges

  • Overview of Primal Essential Movements for at home workouts

  • The “how to” for reading food labels and ingredients


The Corporate Coaching Program includes a free one-month membership to the Catalyst Wellness Online Group Coaching Program


Through the corporate program you will have access to a private online forum to share experiences, ask questions and learn from others in the group. In addition to daily tasks and challenges there will be recipes and lifestyle tips to help you achieve your goals. 


Ready to help your team discover healthier versions of themselves?

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