Ultimate Transformation 

1:1 coaching package

Not a diet; a lifestyle.

Not for anyone else; for you.

Not for one day; for everyday.

Not to look good in your clothes, to feel good in your skin!

My program involves a few core components:

  • Nutrition…  What the heck are you putting in your body?  Let’s sort out what foods to eat more of and which to ditch. We will dive into macro nutrients as well as batch cooking, meal timing, supplements and stress eating. 

  • Lifestyle…  Time to slow it down folks!  Let’s create a sleeping sanctuary where you can obtain a solid night’s sleep, and gain ideas to increase your vitamin D; your immunity defense! How can you acquire less stuff and organize the belongings that are meaningful to us? Resources will be available to unplug your household and manage stress. 

  • Physical Activity...  Let’s assess if your activities are truly aligned with your goals...  Are you doing too much cardio?  Have you tried yoga?  What do you do for fun?  What is your strength training component? What are the resources in the community to make this happen?  What are some workouts you can do in your living room?

This package includes

  • 1:1 coaching where I will guide you with tasks and challenges that will push you to achieve you goals

  • Continuous email support 

  • Free membership to the Beet Squad, a private monthly motivational membership group

  • Customized 6-week meal plan based on your food preferences and senstivities

  • Supplement consult and recommendations

  • Written intake, assessment and goal plan 

12 week or macro program - counter.jpg

The end result? You will feel positive, have more energy, feel in control of your life and drop excess weight. We may decide to completely overhaul your kitchen, dumping food that doesn't contribute to long term health, adding  adding foods that give you energy, and ensuring you have tools to meal prep like a champ.  We may take trips to grocery stores and co-ops. Also it will be FUN! You’ll be equipped to make sustainable lifestyle changes for yourself and your family and reorient to where you want to spend your time most.