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Take Flight With Chocolate

  • Need a new girls night theme?

  • Love trying new things with friends?

  • Willing to try anything for chocolate? 

  • Ready to laugh and challenge your body in new ways?

  • Bored with your current workout plan? 

Book a private aerial silks party with friends!

Located at a private location just outside of Janesville. Feel free to bring your own beverages. 

I'll provide CHOCOLATE, water, music (feel free to share your own playlist with me) and tons of instruction to help all skill levels feel accomplished. 

Cost is $200 per party (min 2 and max 8 people) 

All registrations must be paid one week in advance or your party may be cancelled.

I generally offer classes on Friday evenings between 4:00 and 7:00 pm. 

Email me to coordinate date and time

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