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What is “Inflammation” and why should I want less of it?

Hi All! As I literally am finishing an entire 6-week course on this topic I thought this month would be good timing to give everyone an overview of the components I often work with clients to reduce significant inflammation; and why many people come to me to help legitimately reduce the symptoms of their autoimmune disease… forever. This lifestyle is applicable to any inflammatory disease process in the body and specifically helpful for those with a diagnosed AI (Autoimmune) disease such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, Celiac, Hashimoto’s, or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Honestly, we all have some level of inflammation in our body, but at what level is the key question… Do you have joint pain or fatigue? Exhaustion? Skin issues? Weight gain? Gastrointestinal discomfort? These are only a few examples… Others can be ongoing allergies, frequent colds or illness and sleep issues.

Take Elin’s story below… years of inflammation in the form of fatigue and joint pain; affecting not only her physical health but mental health and overall motivation to do much of anything… After less than 3 months of coaching around diet, supplements, and lifestyle, her AI markers were pretty much completely gone, and she is now living symptom free and full of energy!

The amount of knowledge and positive energy she has to share is unbelievable! Thank you Sarah for changing my life forever!

In my opinion, we really have an issue in this country with how we treat and heal disease overall… We often treat the symptom itself without treating the root cause, medicate the symptom or force the body to suppress the immune system artificially to reduce symptoms. A low inflammation lifestyle (notice I’m talking lifestyle and not JUST diet) can address the root of inflammation in the gut that leads to disease. There are more than 80 kinds of Autoimmune disorders… Do you yourself have one or know anyone with an Autoimmune diagnosis? Many elimination diets are not complete enough or don’t remove all AI triggers fully to be successful. While AI disease can never be cured it can often be put into FULL remission with diet and lifestyle change. There are also other AI-similar diseases that can benefit from a similar diet like SIBO, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance and insulin resistance. I may suggest a low histamine or low fodmap diet (course on this coming this summer from me!) in addition to the AIP component, depending on what presenting issues are. I will do a full intake and assessment and gather pertinent data (often blood tests and symptom screenings) to make an educated decision of how to proceed for an effective care plan.

FOOD IS MEDICINE. Although diet is often not fully the answer, in my experience it is at least 70 % of it. It’s also important to look at gut disorders like SIBO as they require more specific treatment in addition. Adrenal fatigue is often a culprit to AI disease as well and this can require additional treatment. Certain inflammatory foods like dairy, gluten, some legumes and seeds can often exacerbate dysbiosis in the gut. I’ve struggled with multiple of these items and more myself..

Our modern-day society does not contribute well to prevent or heal disease overall. Our food supply has been highly modified, we are pushed to sleep less, work more, and enroll our kids in more activities. Drive thru food establishments are on every corner and grab and go is prominent.

WELL, I HAVE GREAT NEWS! I’ve been working hard writing a course that addresses all of this… Essentially how can you reduce your inflammation (regardless if you have a diagnosed AI disease).

Who is this course for?

  1. If you have a diagnosed autoimmune disease

  2. If you have weight to lose and feel “puffy” and inflamed in multiple areas of your body

  3. If you have regular gastrointestinal discomfort and seems like “eating makes you sick”

  4. If you’d like to learn a COMPLETE approach to reducing inflammation overall and living a lifestyle of optimal health

  5. If you’d like some interaction with a small group of individuals looking to make long lasting health changes and you love to LAUGH😊

Topic overview:​

  • Overview of autoimmune disorders and lifestyle

  • Nutrition

  • Reducing household toxins

  • Stress, sleep, cortisol and caffeine

  • Leaky gut and other infections

  • Long term tips to maintain the lifestyle in real life!

ARE YOU READY TO FEEL AMAZING???? check out the course HERE.

Click HERE to schedule your discovery call so we can chat before you enroll in the course. Please note on your discovery form you are interested in the class!

Would you rather have 1:1 coaching on this topic? You can find that information HERE.

Watch my Facebook page for a flash sale on a 6 week anti-inflammatory meal plan!

Keep Moving Forward 😊 Sarah

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